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Rs. 4,325.00

* Inclusive of all taxes

  • Includes all Community Sessions
  • Workouts and Nutrition coaching
  • One 21 day Challenge
  • 20 servings of Nutrition Programs
  • 15 days validity


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Rs. 6,500.00

* Inclusive of all taxes

  • Includes all Community Sessions
  • Workouts and Nutrition coaching
  • One 21 day Challenge
  • 40 servings of Nutrition Programs
  • 30 days validity



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Rs. 9700.00

* Inclusive of all taxes
Amount may vary based on customization

  • Target Nutrition
  • Includes all Community Sessions
  • Workouts and Nutrition coaching
  • One 21 day Challenge
  • 40 to 60 servings of Nutrition Programs
  • 30 days validity

Movement is an essential component of all fitness journeys. A regular movement doesn’t just help in burning the extra calories, but also makes the body happy. Whether it is an online personal training program, a jog, or showing up in the gym, everything counts!

Did you feel the difference in the way you feel on an unusual morning when you got up and exercised for a while? Or did you sleep better after an evening workout session? Well, a good workout session does make you feel your best. Fitness is not just about how you look, the concept is much beyond that. It is also about how you feel.

What is the significance of being a member of a fitness community?

When you start a journey all by yourself, you make the first move towards betterment of your life and when you join a community that is empowered to bring growth, you do make the world around a better place. Growth feels a thousand times better when witnessed in a group. There is a certain level of positive energy that you get when striving to achieve a certain goal in a community.on. Viruses and infections would come and go, but one thing that remains stagnant is the body that fights against all of it.

TotallyFit Community: Why choose our membership?

Moving the body, eating a nutritious meal, and living a happy life isn’t supposed to be a one time process. It is life! Exercising everyday, eating a balanced diet is a part of a good lifestyle. Fitness is not restriction, it is the joy to live freely with absolutely no guilt.

A lot of times fitness is perceived as a restriction chaining the lifestyle, but anything else isn’t more wrong. Climbing the peak always seems a tedious task, but once you reach the peak, there’s no better feeling. It might seem a difficult task to get up everyday and switch onto a live workout class online, make it to the gym, or go out for a jog. But, it isn’t! This process becomes more fun when so many others are making up to the same goal as you.

The totally Fit community believes in progress that should keep happening. Through additions like live workout classes, online personal fitness training programs and others, the determination is becoming stronger. We always keep adding on to the goal in order to improvise life and its traits.

You can choose our Silver, Gold or Platinum membership and get access to the best of fitness lessons and programs. So, let’s set a goal, make efforts, achieve the goal, and move onto the next one.

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