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Pre and Post Workout Sports Nutrition Diet Supplements

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Sports Nutrition

To enhance your stamina on the field, we have devised a unique plan that caters exclusively to athletes. Under the guidance of our experts, we discuss your doubts about the proper course of action. Our fitness products are certified and safe for consumption. Get in touch with your associate for the next steps toward a performance-oriented formula suited to your needs.

What is sports nutrition?

In basic words, sports nutrition is the foundation of athletic success. It is the precisely built nutrition diet plan that is responsible for the effortless performance in the playground. Sports nutrition supplies energy, hydration, and stamina to the athletes.

What is the importance of nutrition for an athlete?

For all the energy and stamina you hold, food is to be given the credit. Nutrition diet products hold a major significance in the life of a sportsperson. Whether it is about building muscles, gaining strength, or increasing stamina; nutrition covers everything well.

What is the goal of sports nutrition?

An athlete can have a certain goal to achieve. It could be gaining lean mass,enhancing performance or improving body composition. Sports athlete nutrition includes pre-workout supplements, post-workout supplements, proper hydration and others.

Athlete nutrition bowl is very specific to the needs and the goals. In order to gain lean mass, athletes need to go on a calorie surplus diet. Similarly, when they require to lose weight, planning a calorie deficit diet becomes crucial. Likewise, there are various nutritional needs that require expert knowledge and guidance.

There are various eating programs under the sports nutrition diet plan. Let’s look at some of them:

Eating for endurance

Under this program, the training goes for one to three hours a day and the exercises range from high to moderate in terms of intensity. During this phase, an average athlete's body needs 6g to 10g of carbohydrates, but that depends on the body weight. The secondary source comes from Fats during long-duration training sessions. Because of such high intensity training programs, the athletes need an extra amount of hydration as the loss of electrolytes and hydration through sweat is tremendous.

Eating for strength

For building strength, there is a special program called resistance training that helps in gradual build-up of the muscle. Generally, it falls under the high-intensity training category and thus the amount of required macronutrients is more for better muscle development. Under this diet, protein intake has a chief role in building lean body mass.

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